There are many different methods for planting trees. Some methods work better in particular areas, and some simply aren’t a great idea. One of the main factors to consider when choosing how you want to grow a tree is how long you’re willing to wait.

Planting from a seed can take a very long time — and a lot of care — to bring a tree to maturity. This requires a lot of patience. Those hoping to grow a large, beautiful tree for ground cover and shade will have to bide their time.

But those that are also hoping to harvest items such as pecans from their trees might be a little more eager to get their trees nice and tall.

Bare root pecan trees are a great way to speed along this process. They also reduce the chance of a mishap that can damage a very young tree. Trees grown from seeds are extremely delicate as they emerge from the soil and begin spreading their roots.

So what is a bare root pecan tree? And how do you care for them?

What Does “Bare Root” Mean?

The term “bare root tree” is actually quite literal. These are young trees that are sold and shipped without their roots sunk in dirt. We’re accustomed to seeing plants inside a pot with dirt covering the root system. Bare root trees, however, have exposed roots which makes it much more suitable for shipping from a nursery.

Bare root trees are removed from the ground in either the early spring or the late fall — within the dormant period for the tree. This means they will not have any leaves or pecans hanging from the branches.

This dormant phase is essential to maintaining a healthy plant throughout the shipping process. Exposure to heat and sun will cause bare root trees to come out of their dormant phase, which makes them susceptible to becoming stressed.

A stressed tree is generally protected and nurtured by their root system. But since bare root pecan trees aren’t housed in soil, they are likely to perish. This is why it’s essential to keep these trees in proper conditions until they reach their destination.

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Benefits of Bare Root Pecan Trees

Bare root trees offer numerous benefits that outweigh the potential vulnerabilities. One that we’ve already mentioned is that it’s much easier to ship a tree this way.

The other option is to purchase a potted tree — also known as a container tree. The container and additional dirt will make the shipment much heavier. This results in a much more costly shipment due to the increased weight and size.

But aside from shipping concerns, bare root trees offer benefits to the overall health of the tree. The first benefit you’ll notice when you are perusing bare root pecan trees for sale is that the reduction in materials translates to lower prices.

Bare root trees can also contain up to 200% more roots than container trees. This gives it a much better chance at surviving the replanting process.

In fact, these trees fare much better when introduced to their new environment. They tend to adapt to their surroundings and grow more quickly than container trees.

Bare root trees are adolescent trees. This means they are easier to prune and shape into a productive form than more mature trees. Strong, well-formed trees have a better chance of producing healthy pecans.

Caring for a Bare Root Pecan Tree

Remember proper attention is needed to keep these trees from emerging from their dormant state until they are ready to be planted. Here are a few things to look for to be sure your dormant tree is still healthy:

  • No rotten orders
  • Roots should have a little weight to them
  • No mold or mildew on the roots
  • No broken branches

You should plant your bare root pecan tree as soon as you receive it and verify that it’s still in good health. An absence of open buds will tell you that your tree hasn’t come out of its dormant phase. This is what you want.

A full walkthrough of the planting process can be found here.

Finding Bare Root Pecan Trees for Sale

Georgia Pecan Nursery has a wide variety of available trees. All you have to do is find the type of pecan tree that works best for your area and your needs. We take great pride in offering healthy and reliable pecan trees to our customers.

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