Planting and Caring


Bareroot Trees

Bareroot Trees should be planted during the dormant season typically December- March.  We recommend at minimum an 18” diameter hole be dug and the depth of the hole will be determined by the length of the tap root.  All roots should be pruned to fit the hole to keep the roots from curling. It is important not to plant the trees too deep. The trees should only be planted to a depth that matches the dirt line marking on the trees, which represents the depth it was planted in our nursery.

After the hole is dug and tree is placed in the hole begin filling the hole with soil, when it is half way filled start filling the hole with water, once the water level approaches the top of the hole fill the rest of the hole with soil to prevent air pockets. Again it is important to ensure the tree is not planted too deep so adjust the depth of tree while filling the hole with dirt and water.

Container Trees

Container Trees are planted similar to bareroot pecan trees however they can be planted anytime of the year. They should be planted at the same depth of the container. Once you have removed the container please take a look at the tap root and inspect for curling. If the tap root is curled it is important to cut the tap root off just above the curl. By removing the curl you will stimulate root growth and help to ensure the tap root grows straight down which is essential to support the tree as it grows.