If you love pecans as much as we do and are looking for various ways to include them in your vegan diet, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up a selection of simple, highly rated vegan pecan recipes. Our favorite nut, with its mild, slightly sweet flavor, and buttery texture, can play a starring role in several vegan dishes: pie, sandies, bars, and taco meat, for example. We highlight their recipes below!

In addition to being delicious, pecans are nutritionally dense, which is all the more reason to try these vegan pecan recipes.

Vegan Pecan Pie

We couldn’t not include a vegan version of a classic: pecan pie. Rich, gooey, and caramel-y, pecan pie conjures up visions of the holidays, but who says you have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy it?

You’re going to want to make this Vegan Pecan Pie recipe any time of year, because it’s super easy to put together, as well as being full of flavor.

Get your hands on a pre-made, unbaked vegan pie crust, then make the filling, which uses only five ingredients you might already have in your pantry: dates, maple syrup, ground flaxseeds, pecan halves, and salt.

The dates and maple syrup provide natural sweetness, while the ground flaxseeds replace eggs to keep the filling from falling apart.

Vegan Pecan Sandies

Named for their sandy color and texture, sandies are a type of cookie. The ones you can make from this Vegan Pecan Sandies recipe are like crunchy shortbread (which is enough to have us drooling).

And there’s more good news: you can whip up a batch of these babies in no time, considering this pecan recipe only requires flour, salt, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vegan butter. Once they come out of the oven, grab a cup of tea or coffee and forget the world as you relish a rich, buttery mouthfeel and slight sweetness.

These Vegan Pecan Sandies make a great gift, but we won’t blame you if you’ll prefer to keep them all to yourself.

Vegan Pecan Pie Bars

What’s better than pecan pie? Gluten-free vegan pecan pie in bar form!

That’s exactly what you’ll get from this Vegan Pecan Pie Bars recipe. Made with ingredients that include almond flour, vegan butter, tapioca starch, and brown sugar, if you love pecan pie, we bet you’re going to devour these bars.

Besides their shortbread-like crust and addictive filling, we love that you don’t need a food processor to make them (we won’t tell if you lick the bowl).

Serve these bars as a healthier alternative to pecan pie at holiday meals, then sit back and listen to the rave reviews as you enjoy your own serving or two. Or three.

Vegan Pecan Taco Meat

For a quick and easy vegan dinner that includes garlic, red onion, lime juice, soy sauce, and savory sun-dried tomatoes (as well as pecans), meet this recipe for Vegan Pecan Taco Meat.

You read that right: taco meat made from pecans. The nuts are what provide the meaty consistency. They’ll soften in this recipe, but expect a bit of crunch to remain — and versatility!

Use Vegan Pecan Taco Meat not just in tacos, but in burritos, quesadillas, and as a nacho topping. This is also a great dish to make ahead of time, because you can store in the fridge for up to a week.

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