Pecan nuts are a popular snack that people often use in cooking. They are good for the heart and help to improve the digestive system. These nuts may also aid weight loss efforts, lower inflammation in the body, and even boost the immune system. With many benefits comes increasing demand. 

Due to high demand for pecans, you can turn to these nuts as an opportunity to start your own business. However, before you start your own wholesale pecan business, it is important to follow the right steps to ensure a successful future. 

How To Start A Wholesale Pecan Business

When you want to start a wholesale pecan or retail business, it is important to begin with a business plan. Even if you want to get started from home, having a business plan is always a good idea. You’ll also need to ensure you understand the costs associated with getting up and running while assessing the fact that it takes a while for pecan trees to grow. You should also make sure you have invested in enough space on your property, as you will likely want to grow multiple pecan trees to ensure you have a large supply to sell. 

When To Plant Your Pecan Trees

There are different recommendations as to when you should plant your pecan trees. To get a better understanding of the right timing, it is important to look at when they bloom. 

Pecan trees tend to bloom in spring. Therefore, you should plant your trees during the winter months when they are generally dormant. More specifically, try to plant your pecan trees by November or December, as this will allow more time for the trees to sprout and establish their roots in the ground. 

Focus On The Basics Of Satisfying Demand

When it comes to being successful with a pecan nut business, you need to ensure you are able to satisfy the demand for these products in your local area. This is why you should carefully assess your business plans and the goals you have, as previously mentioned.

If you only plant a single pecan tree, then it may not produce enough nuts to meet the demands of your target market. Do some research on your area and the specific sales channels that you will use. This will give you more details about how many trees you should plant. 

The Costs Of Pecans Based On Quality

One important factor to consider is the pricing of the pecans you are going to sell. Being too expensive may lead customers to another seller, but if you make your prices too low, it could still leave you with a loss. The average cost of hard-shell pecan nuts is about $6.99 for a pound, whereas the paper shell pecan generally rises to $7.49 a pound on average. If you are willing to do the processing yourself and remove the shells at home before you sell them, then you can easily charge around $13.99 for a pound.

Selling Online Vs. Locally

As your trees start to grow, it’s important to choose whether you want to sell them locally to your community or over the internet to a broader market. This will allow you to choose the right marketing strategies that are suitable for your business. 

For example, if you choose to sell locally, then hand out flyers, add posters to community boards, and let local shop owners know about your upcoming pecan sales. For online business, set up an eCommerce store and add listings related to the pecan nuts you sell on popular classified ad websites. This can help to get you noted and give you a good start to creating awareness for your business. 

Contact Georgia Pecan Trees for Assistance 

Now that you have the tips for selling your own home-grown pecans, it is time to start building your business plan. If you need assistance setting up your wholesale pecan trees, then contact Georgia Pecan Trees. We are a retail pecan nursery with over 45 years of experience in the business. As a wholesale pecan nursery, we can help you understand what it takes to be successful when you want to start selling your own pecans from home.