You’ve probably used olive oil or peanut butter hundreds of times. But what about pecan oil? Pecan oil is made from extracting the natural essential oils held by pecans which can be cold- or hot-pressed. Just like other nut oils, it’s been gaining popularity in recent years and comes with a variety of uses. 

A few of the most beneficial ways to use pecan oil include: 

  1. Cooking 
  2. For Skin Care 
  3. Promoting Healthy Hair 
  4. Enhancing Tooth & Bone Health
  5. Leather Treatment

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Pecan oil is a great substitute for butter, margarine and ghee. It has a lower fat content, which makes it a healthier option for cooking and baking.Unlike butter, margarine or pure ghee, you can easily store pecan oil at room temperature. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of melting it prior to use. You may need to adjust your recipe when using pecan oil instead of butter or other fats. For most dishes, you only need half the amount of pecan oil compared to butter or other oil.

You can also make dressings, dips as well as many other great recipes with pecan oil at home. Not only are dressings and dips made with pecan oil healthier but they also have a light taste.

For Skin Care 

Pecan Oil has a high amount of Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin cells by regulating cell growth and differentiation. This helps prevent things like acne and fine lines as it’s packed with antioxidants. As your skin absorbs about 60% of substances it comes into contact with, it’s great to apply to your joints to help relieve soreness in places like your knee, shoulder, or hip. 

Promoting Healthy Hair 

Dealing with dry hair, split ends, or dandruff? Pecan oil might be the perfect solution for you! As it’s rich in amino acids, it contributes to the growth of full, healthy hair. It can also help prevent hair loss and stimulate faster hair growth. 

Here are a few things you can try to help your hair: 

  • Dry Hair: Rub some pecan oil on your scalp before a shower, or make a DIY hair mask with it.
  • Split Ends: Rub some pecan oil on your ends before washing your hair.
  • Dandruff: Apply the oil directly to your scalp and leave it in overnight before washing out in the morning.

Enhancing Tooth & Bone Health 

Pecan oil contains a number of beneficial minerals. One of the most important ones is phosphorus, which has been shown to be efficient in promoting strong teeth and bones. Phosphorus can also help muscles tissues to contract well, making it ideal for athletes who are training hard. It can also aid in the production of RNA and DNA in the body. In addition to this, phosphorus composition in pecan oil can also help your system manage its energy storage and usage. Utilizing pecan oil in foods that contain other minerals like magnesium and calcium will most likely strengthen teeth and bones.

Leather Treatment 

Are your favorite leather shoes looking a little worse for wear? Freshen them up by applying a layer of pecan oil to the leather surface. Not only will the pecan oil even out the leather color, but it will also condition the leather to help your favorite shoes go the extra mile, literally.

If you’re looking to purchase a variety of pecan tree types or you’re looking for more information to help care for your Georgia pecan trees, contact Georgia Pecan Nursery today!