Pawnee Pecan Trees for Sale


Pawnee Pecan Trees for Sale
Nut Size: large, 53 nuts/lb.
Quality:  excellent, 54% kernel
Pollinator:  Type 1
USDA Grow Zones: 7-10
Other Characteristics: Pawnee has a large nut size with a high quality kernel.

Type 1 pollinators = protandrous This means that the pollen sheds prior to stigma receptivity. Due to this the type 1 trees should be pollinated with type 2 trees.

Type 2 pollinators = protogynous This means that the stigma is receptive prior to pollen shedding. Due to this type 2 trees should be pollinated with type 1 trees.

Other varieties of Pecan trees are available through Bentley Farms’ Georgia Pecan Trees located in Valdosta, Georgia. 



Bentley Farms is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything concerning pecan trees in South Georgia and abroad. Our state of the art Pecan tree nursery produces a wide range of pecan tree varieties. The Bentley Farm pecan tree nursery can handle any order big or small.

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